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This website is intended to document the history of the Society of Friends and recognize the faithfulness and contributions of our members.
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Initially, the site will focus on Ohio Yearly Meeting, in preparation for its 200th anniversary (2013).



The Historic Atlas of Ohio Yearly Meeting was published by Ohio Yearly Meeting in 2012 as a part of its bicentennial commemoration. The book is an illustrative companion to the existing histories of Ohio YM, although it contains some new research.
Ohio Yearly Meeting of 2013 authorized the publication of additional copies of the Historic Atlas. At this time I am reading through the text, adding some new information that has been provided, and making other corrections. The deadline for submitting changes or new information to me is 1/13/2014.
All copies of the first run of the book have been exhausted. The price was $15, but it is possible that the price of the second edition will be slightly higher.



Ohio Yearly Meeting held its first called session in its history on Eleventh Month 16, 2013. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues regarding the lease of rights under lands held by Ohio YM for oil and gas extraction.
The meeting, held at Stillwater, came to the conclusion that Ohio Friends do not feel directed by the Lord at this time to lease these lands.
Ohio Yearly Meeting owns over 200 acres of land, extending from the farm of Perley Pickett southeast of Stillwater to the Plummer House along Route 147.


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Salem QM

Middleton, Salem, Winona, Seeker's Haven, Crossroads

Stillwater QM

Chesterfield, Chestnut Ridge, Short Creek, Stillwater

Rockingham QM

Keystone Fellowship, Rockingham, Chattahoochee


Ohio YM Upcoming Planned Events

First Month 11, 2014

Rockingham QM at Chattahoochee

Second Month 1, 2014

Stillwater Quarterly Meeting at Stillwater

Second Month 8, 2014

Salem Quarterly Meeting at Salem

Eighth Month 5-9, 2014

Ohio Yearly Meeting at Stillwater


Isaac Huestis was a prominent Elder of Chesterfield Meeting in the late 19th century. Huestis (pronounced hyoos-tis) was one of the best medical doctors in southeastern Ohio in his day. He had been trained in medicine by Sylvanus Fisher, another renowned doctor of the 19th century. He also took additional training at Starling Medical College. Huestis settled at Chesterfield in 1837 and practiced there throughout the remainder of his life. In 1850, someone came into the Chesterfield Meeting House during the course of Monthly Meeting and announced that Huestis's services were needed immediately. An alternate Clerk was appointed, and Huestis left to aid his patient.
Huestis was active in Quaker affairs on all levels. He served many years as Clerk of Chesterfield MM and Pennsville QM. He also donated many years to the Boarding School, particularly after the decision was made to rebuild at Stillwater. During the doctrinal controversies of the mid-century, Huestis supported the efforts to stand apart from the national turmoil. He did not support exchanging epistles with New England YM after 1845. Huestis was the Men's Clerk of Pennsville QM when it appointed a committee to revise the minutes of the women's Chesterfield MM in 1862, the event that precipitated the Primitive division in Ohio YM. He wrote the minute authorizing the committee to review the MM minutes, and when women's MM Clerk Belinda Hobson refused to allow this abuse of Quaker process, her supporters (the Primitive Friends) withdrew from Ohio YM.
Gregory McReynolds, a descendant of Isaac Huestis, provided an old photograph of him (detail shown here). Gregory is also a descendant of other Friends of the former Pennsville QM.



Vashti Shreeve   1782 – 1865

Sarah (Peebles) Rawls   1795 –

Stacy Shreeve   1782 – 1854

Dempsey Johnson   1773 –

William Garrigues   1800 –

Rebecca (Coppock) Kille   1784 – 1835

Elizabeth (Kille) Shreeve   1818 –

Margaret H. Garrigues   1800 –

Enoch Shreeve   1814 –

Margaret (Harrison) Johnson   1779 –


Deer Creek Meeting for Worship 1821-1828

Marlborough Meeting for Worship 1810-1895

Marlborough Monthly Meeting 1814-1855

Kendal Preparative Meeting 1815-1855

Brushy Fork Meeting for Worship 1818-1832


Marlborough Men's MM Recorder of Marriage Certificates 1828 - 1855

Marlborough PM Librarian 1824 - 1855

Marlborough Men's PM Overseers 1814 - 1855

Kendal Men's PM Trustee 1815 - 1855