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The Historic Atlas of Ohio Yearly Meeting was published by Ohio Yearly Meeting in 2012 as a part of its bicentennial commemoration. The book is an illustrative companion to the existing histories of Ohio YM, although it contains some new research.

Ohio Yearly Meeting of 2013 authorized the publication of additional copies of the Historic Atlas. At this time I am reading through the text, adding some new information that has been provided, and making other corrections. The deadline for submitting changes or new information to me is 1/13/2014.

All copies of the first run of the book have been exhausted. The price was $15, but it is possible that the price of the second edition will be slightly higher.

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Marlborough Monthly Meeting was located in Stark County, Ohio. It was established in 1814 and was comprised of three preparative meetings: Marlborough, Lexington, and Kendal. The two earlier preparative meetings, Marlborough and Lexington, were located in northeastern Stark County and had been established by Salem MM. Kendal PM was located in western Stark County. It was founded by Thomas & Charity Rotch, ministers who had moved from New England. Kendal was originally part of New Garden MM, which transferred the founding members to Marlborough in late 1814.

Marlborough MM was originally a strong meeting. The Salem School map of 1827 shows that the MM had 500 members. In the late 1820s, followers of Robert Owen opened a communal colony near Kendal, and several Quakers joined. The year 1828 was more difficult for Marlborough MM than most other MMs. The Hicksite division took place in the spring of 1828, an epidemic followed in the summer, and the Owen commune collapsed. The Hicksites were the majority at Kendal and Deer Creek Meeting; the meetings at Marlborough and Lexington were evenly divided. The Orthodox withdrew from Deer Creek, and within a decade the Hicksites meetings at Lexington and Kendal had collapsed. The Orthodox Friends at Marlborough built a new meeting house in 1840 behind the pre-division meeting house retained by the Hicksites.

In 1854, the meeting at Kendal was laid down; the final members moved to Plymouth MM. Soon thereafter, the Wilbur-Gurney division took place. Marlborough MM was majority Gurneyite. The Wilburites retained a small meeting at Marlborough, but the Gurneyites maintained meetings at Marlborough and Lexington. The Wilburites laid down the monthly meeting and the preparative meeting, attaching the remaining members to Springfield PM.

The small meeting of Marlborough Wilburites benefitted from the return of John Brantingham (pictured here). Brantingham was a son of Martin Brantingham, the first meeting librarian who was appointed to manage the initial library, consisting of books donated by Charity Rotch in the 1820s. John Brantingham developed a gift in the ministry and was guided in his growth by the local Elder, Samuel C. Reeves, and his mother-in-law, who had been an apprentice of Esther French as a youth. Brantingham was considered to have one of the best developed gifts in the ministry in Ohio YM. He was the final clerk of Springfield QM. Marlborough Meeting was laid down soon after his death.

The record books of Marlborough MM were mislaid in the latter half of the 19th century. When the genealogical information was extracted for the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, the whereabouts of the Marlborough records was unknown. In the second half of the twentieth century, the books were discovered and deposited at Malone College. Parts of the genealogical information have been extracted, but recently a more complete collection of Marlborough genealogical information has been in the process of production.


James Rattekin   1740 – 1813

Susannah Rattekin   1743 –

Sarah (Gregg) Fawcett   1811 – 1880

Samuel G. Fawcett   1837 – 1899

Joseph Fawcett   1780 – 1843

John Dingee   1785 –

Amanda J. (Smith) Fawcett   1842 – 1926

Blanche E. (Schofield) Thomas   1893 –

Gilbert E. Thomas   1880 – 1962

Elijah Fawcett   1804 – 1873


Connaughton Meeting for Worship 1810-1833

Richland (Va) Meeting for Worship 1797-1805

Providence Meeting for Worship 1789-1871

Peachtree Meeting for Worship 2017-2017

Peachtree Monthly Meeting 2017-2017


Sewickley Men's MM Recorder 1866 - 1874

Sewickley Men's MM Treasurer 1871 - 1874

Sewickley Men's Assistant Clerk 1866 - 1874

Sewickley Men's MM Clerk 1866 - 1874